The images from the Fat Paintings come from different backgrounds. Some are digital pictures that have been produced by the artist in different situations. They are generally portraits of objects, usually toys or antiquesthat express somehow human emotions and relations. Others are strong, graphic illustrations from paradise that have been selected from religious leaflets given for free by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

All the originals are scanned and manipulated as digital files, then they are printed again in PVC and used to create stuffed paintings which are specially fattened with foam material and treated with successive layers of acrylic paint and latex. The Fat Paintings are a crossbreed between digital and traditional media; they are hybrids, half paintings and half objects. They want to jump off the wall into the three dimensional space.


Body Inventory (Bi) is a fantasy name created by the artist Giancarlo Pazzanese while playing with the concepts of today’s corporate communications tools and media but in the context of art research and exhibition. BI is a growing repository of a series of art works that reflect on the new boundaries of genre, portrait, identity, love and human relations while the digital revolution of the media is still shaping our relation to others and to our own bodies. BI is the name of a one-man corporation which produces mainly abstract self-portraits in digital & analog formats and changes its collaborators according to every particular work. Make up artists, doctors, film makers, designers and others have joined the artist in more than 18 exhibitions which are available online in the official website of the works and installations:

Giancarlo Pazzanese (1976) graduated From the U. Catolica as Bachelor in Art and multimedia in Santiago, Chile in 1998. Since then he worked both as visual artist for museums, galleries and experimental shows in Santiago, Sao Paulo and Rome and also as graphic designer for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In December 2002 he relocates in Amsterdam. Recently his work has been shown at the International Photography Festival in Rome, at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam and in art galleries of Santiago and Sao Paulo.


Giancarlo Pazzanese

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